Ash-Hop Porchfest Frequently Asked Questions

What is Porchfest?
Ashland-Hopkinton Porchfest is a grassroots community music festival. Musicians play on front porches, and attendees enjoy lots of free music and local color as they walk and bike around the neighborhoods. It’s a great opportunity for local musicians to share their talents with their neighbors, and for residents to discover their neighborhoods anew!
My band doesn't have an appropriate porch to play on, can we still play?
Yes! We encourage people with porches but no bands and people with bands but no porch to sign up seperately and we will play matchmaker.
What if my band already has a porch?
That works great. Please tell your porch host to first register their porch on this website. Then, when you register your band, notice where you can choose your intended porch.
Can I advertise on Porchfest?
Porchfest is expensive so we please ask businesses to email: to support Porchfest. You may choose the Bronze $50 Sponsorship with your logo/website appearing on the homepage and Facebook. The Silver $100 Sponsorship receives double sized ad space above the Bronze ads. Ask us about the extra advertising opportunities for businesses choosing the $400 Gold Sponsorship.
Why are Ashland & Hopkinton together?
The vast majority of towns that host Porchfests are double the size of Hopkinton or Ashland alone. By combining both towns, we can achieve the size needed to recruit the number of porches & bands needed to make an annual success. The Route 135 Marathon road unites the two towns.
Where does it take place?
Ashland-Hopkinton Porchfest will take place on September 30th, 2023 from 2-6:00 pm on the porches of generous hosts, who are sharing their porches/lawns with neighbors & the community! Hosts are generously paying the electric bill for these acts.
Who’s performing?
Anyone who wants! We’ll have lots of acts, from local to nationally-recognized performing everything from Folk to Techno. We welcome non-musical performers as well like those demonstrating other art-forms like dance, theater, readings, painting, etc. Check out our listings ahead of time to plan your route, or start at your favorite performer & wander from there.
Who should come?
Anyone & everyone! Hopkinton-Ashland Porchfest is family-friendly and features a wide variety of music so there’s sure to be a band or performance that sparks your interest.
Do I need a ticket?
No. Attending the event is completely free of charge. Check out one band or twenty! Stay for 20 minutes or all afternoon!
Is there a map or some kind of schedule?
An event map & schedule will be available on our Facebook page: as we lead up to September 30th. Check our listings for the most up-to-date information, as new bands & porches are joining each day.
What about eating & drinking?
Feel free to bring your own food & beverages. If you need to pick up some snacks, please consider the local businesses spread throughout town! Just remember that each venue is someone’s porch, so please be sure that you are respectful by cleaning up after yourself.
What about beer & wine?
Porchfest does not have a contained festival area & will not be selling alcohol (or any food and drink). When in public, you are subject to the usual laws regarding alcohol consumption.
Are dogs allowed?
Rules for dogs are the same as they would be at any other time on the street or sidewalk. Please be aware and respectful of any homeowners’ preferences while on their property as different hosts will likely have different preferences when it comes to dogs.
Where do I park?
There is plenty of on-street parking in Ashland & Hopkinton. We also encourage walking and biking for those who are able – it’s the best way to soak up as much music as possible!
Will there be bathrooms?
No. Please note that porch hosts will not provide restrooms.
What do I need to bring?
You won’t need much of anything to stroll around town & enjoy the music. However, if you are planning on settling in for a particular performance, you might bring chairs, a blanket, or a picnic lunch. Alternatively, if you are planning a schedule of concert hopping, you might want to have a means of transportation.
Do the musicians get paid?
Organizers, performers & porch hosts are all giving freely of their time and talents. If you would like to support a band, you are welcome to make a donation at the performance.
Is there a rain plan?
The rain date is the following day (Sunday, October 1st) from 2-6 pm
I’ve still got questions.
Email us at:
Who’s organizing this?
A fantastic team of energetic community volunteers. Volunteers wanting to join our Admin Team are encouraged to email: